kieran-donaghy-trainingI am a teacher trainer with extensive in-service experience. I  provide quality training across a wide range of areas: film and video in language learning, vocabulary acquisition, motivation, empathy, values, creativity, teaching older learners, English for Healthcare …

I provide training in a number of modes. I have a number of ready-made individual workshops and courses that can be delivered face-to-face. I can also provide bespoke training for the particular needs of your institution and teachers.

With all my training courses, my teaching is informed by my beliefs with regards to language, teaching and learning, as well as my particular experience as a teacher, trainer and learner. However, I also feel it is essential that  your teachers articulate their own beliefs and needs, and that I adapt my courses to your teachers’ particular contexts. When I set up training courses, I ask participants and organisers to complete questionnaires before I deliver the course in order to be clear what you want to achieve and how I can help you achieve it.

Here are some comments from teachers who have attended my training courses and workshops:

I loved Kieran’s personality, enthusiasm, professional experience, and his motivating manner.”
“It was an excellent workshop! Kieran gave us great ideas and he’s a very engaging speaker.”
“I loved Kieran Donaghy’s enthusiasm for his topic.”
— MELTA Training Day, Munich, January 2015


“It was really informative, well-structured and creative.”
“Very good, very clear, good ideas, excellent.”
“Dynamic, entertaining and enriching.”
“Excellent session.”
— TESOL Workshops, Barcelona, May 2015


“I’ve enjoyed it a lot, fun, interactive, innovative, engaging.”
 “Superb  sessions. Very dynamic and inter-active.”
—  TESOL Workshops Barcelona, June  2014


“Great! Surely the best talk I’ve been to in my life.”
“Wonderful. Really useful.”
“Full of practical ideas.”
— Macmillan Teachers’ Day Madrid, April 2013


“Excellent. I will definitely use your site. Kieran made me feel good!”
“Perfect. Very dynamic and interesting.”
“I loved it. I’ve learnt a lot.”
— Teachers’ Day Barcelona,  April 2013


“Excellent, dynamic and motivating sessions.”
“Excellent workshops”
“Good, practical stuff.”
— TESOL Workshops, Barcelona, February 2013