Film in Action – Teaching language using moving images

film_in_action_coverJPGFilm in Action is a book in the prestigious DELTA Teacher Development Series . The book offers guidance on taking on the challenge of the digital revolution; insights into how learners engage with film inside and outside the classroom; advice on effectively bringing film into the language classroom; and guidance on how both teachers and students can create their own moving images. The book invites teachers to experiment with film, and provides insights into how learners can engage with film, over 100 activities for teachers to bring film into the language class, and steps for teachers and learners to create their own moving images.

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What people are saying about Film in Action – Teaching language using moving images

Kieran Donaghy’s resource book Film in Action provides a wealth of activities that aim at honing students’ skills not only in viewing film actively, but also in becoming the makers of their own moving images in the language classroom. Lucid and engaging in both its theoretical and practical parts, Film in Action achieves its goal to ‘challenge teachers to reflect on the role of film in society, in our educational system and in language learning’

Sylvia Karastathi, TESOL-Greece Magazine

It is important to take the time to read this book carefully and understand how we can best utilise film to encourage language comprehension, production and reflection. I expect this book will soon be as creased up and dog-earred as my copy of Teaching Unplugged.

Dave Dodgson

Film in Action is a wonderful resource for teachers seeking further ideas on how to exploit video inside and outside the classroom with their learners.

Martin Sketchley, EFL Magazine

Overall, it will be difficult to find a book that covers the area better. There are dozens of practical ideas that can be used in any classroom and a number of very stimulating concepts which could be developed into longer projects either within a class or, for a school as a whole. This is a very useful contribution to the DELTA Teacher Development Series and a must for anyone slightly interested in using images in their classroom.

Enda Spain, TESOL-Spain Newsletter

With Film in Action, you will be guided and inspired. This book is particularly suited for those with a special interest in more fully appreciating all aspects of films.

Clare McGrath, English Australia Journal

The author’s knowledge and enthusiasm shine through.

Pete Sharma, EL Gazette

I think this book should be part of every teacher and teacher-trainer’s toolkit.

Jo Westcombe, MELTA News

Kieran writes with infectious enthusiasm and a passion for his topic. My feeling is that his ideas will work best with older teens and young adults, but there are sources of inspiration for all of us here.

Philip Kerr, TEA News

Part of the Delta Teacher Development Series, Donaghy’s book is all any reluctant, hesitant or guilty teacher needs to know in order to incorporate film convincingly and successfully into her language classroom. … I thoroughly recommend the book and suggest you ask Santa to pop it into your stocking this Christmas.

Catherine Richards, EALTHY Research and Book reviews

If you want to seduce your students into playing with language through multi-media learning environments and film, then this book will blast you into a whole new world of possibilities.

Silvia Guinan

Film in Action is a practical guide for all those in education who believe in the educational advantages of moving images in language learning and who are looking for arguments to adopt this and for activities or inspiration to start doing it themselves.

Mathy Vanbuel, Media and Learning News

Overall, I think this book is excellent. Donaghy’s obvious enthusiasm shines through, and makes for very interesting reading. It is, as I’ve mentioned, extremely modern and has some truly cutting edge suggestions. I’m really looking forward to trying out more of the lessons from ‘Film in Action’ with my secondary learners in 2016!

Rachael Pooley, IATEFL Young Learners and Teenagers SIG

Kieran Donaghy’s book is written in a very approachable manner and, by following clear guidelines and procedures, makes it easy for even a less experienced teacher to implement the ideas in the classroom.

Margarita Kosir, Macedonia-Thrace TESOL News

There are some truly original ideas which use sound and dialogue in a productive and analytical fashion that will feel innovative and fresh to students and teachers alike.

Sam Lanchbury, International House Journal

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