Films in Health Sciences Education

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films-in-health-science-education-coverFilms in Health Sciences Education is addressed mainly to teachers of English for healthcare, but also caters for health professionals and can be used as a course book for health-science students. The objective of this book is to help health professionals and students improve their medical English, and enjoy, analyse, understand and learn about health sciences through film. Subjects related to health care of interest to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and psychologists among others, are presented alongside an analysis of film language. There is a glossary of the most important medical English vocabulary used in the film.


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Films in Health Sciences Education offers trainers a selection of medical themes to develop in the classroom through the medium of film. Such themes could be of interest to various healthcare professionals, as well as to learners from other disciplines. Films in Health Sciences Education is nothing if not original. This title will engage your learners on several different levels as well as develop their understanding within a variety of medical contexts.

Ros Wright, Teaching Times, TESOL France

I have found the book very useful and used many of the lessons with my doctors. Each chapter is designed around a feature length film which deals with an illness or a disorder. The lessons are very easy to follow and have proved very popular with my students. I’d definitely recommend this book to any teachers who teach English for healthcare.

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