How to Write Film and Video Activities


We are living in a video age – and so are our students. In 2014, 300 hours of video content was uploaded to YouTube every minute. Video has become so widely accepted as the optimum medium for getting information, that YouTube is the second largest search engine. This book looks at how we can use this ‘medium of choice’ to teach English.  With such an embarrassment of riches, the question ‘Where do I find video?’ has been replaced with ‘How do I choose appropriate video?’ Anna Whitcher and I lead you through this minefield, providing essential guidance on how to choose exploitable video for the purposes of writing video activities for the ELT classroom. We share their knowledge of the best sources of high-quality video and discuss criteria for selection, such as syllabus fit, language level, length, relevance and task potential. Once you’ve chosen a great video, we’ll show you how to write a variety of activities to exploit it.


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I’ve recently read this book and found it extremely interesting and useful as a teacher who would like to move into materials writing. The book is very well-written and easy to read which is not surprising as it was written by two of the top experts in writing ELT materials for film and video. The tasks at the end of each chapter are very practical and thought-provoking. I think the book is essential reading for any teacher who like like to write activities for film and video in language education. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!

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